percentageNationwideOPTIMISER analyses the website and makes an assessment of how effectively it is in its current form to rank highly on Internet Search Engines. As well as the detailed report, the analysis supplies a percentage representing how ‘search engine ready’ your website is.

The analysis examines a number of areas which have direct effect on the function of the search engines and reports in detail on those areas.

To highlight the effectiveness of structure and function of the website, NATIONWIDE OPTIMISER compares each of the areas it examines, to the current top ranking sites on Google using that search ‘keyword’.

That is, you will be able to compare the sites of your direct marketing competition and decipher what aspects of their website enables their own high Google ranking.

By acting on the recommendations delivered through this report the owners/designers of the website in question can dramatically improve the chances of that website moving up in ranking in the search engines, in particular Google, the most commonly used of all the search engines.

Opposite is a list of the areas that NATIONWIDE examines with an explanation of what the assessment of each area means, how it affects the success of the website in the search engines and what steps can then be taken to improve the ranking of the website within that search engine..

  • Overview
  • Top Ten Ranking Requirement Score
  • Keyword used in Document Title
  • Global link popularity of web sites
  • Link Texts of inbound links
  • Keywords used in Body Text
  • Age of Website
  • Keyword use in H1 Headline Text
  • Keyword used in Domain Name
  • Keyword use in page URL
  • Links from Social Networks
  • Server Speed
  • Keyword use in H2, H3 (etc) Tags
  • Keyword used in IMG Alt Attributes
  • Top level domain of website
  • Keywords used in BOLD Body Text
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Keyword use in same domain text links
  • Keyword use in outbound text links
  • Keyword use in ‘meta description’
  • No. of trailing slashes in URL
  • Readability level of web page
  • Keyword use in Meta Keywords
  • Keyword used in the first sentence of the body text.
  • Keywords used in HTML comments

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